Whale Hug Shirt

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How hard is it to hug a whale?  Not hard at all! Not for the Hug Machine! 

This moment comes to us from the splendid little picture book by Scott Campbell called the Hug Machine.  A story that follows the exploits of a little boy who is very good at hugging.  The boy who calls himself Hug Machine shall hug anything and everything in his path and he would love to tell you about it.  At one point he comes upon this Whale and the Whale says:

"What about me? Surely I am too big for you to hug."

And the answer? No, you are not, Whale.  Nothing is too big, small, long, round, jaggy and scratchy for the Hug Machine to hug.  

Show how much you enjoy hugging whales by wearing this little shirt around!  It's a real huggy shirt!  People will light up with affection when you pass by, i'll bet.


In collaboration with Gallery Nucleus and We Love Fine!
Printing Method: Silkscreen
Material: 100% Cotton 
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