Treasure Below The Docks

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It is time for us to journey to the docks.  We love the docks, but the docks need our help! We must use the map and the old coin to journey deep into the depths of this old town. We much dodge the traps and bats and rotten criminal families!  We must ride the waterslides, avoid the blenders, and enjoy candy bars wherever they may be!  We must greet our new skeleton friends in their entombed homes and discuss treasure.  Our one-eyed friend is happy to see us and wishes us well.  Our parents are waiting for us on the beach, so we must be quick and careful.  This is our time down here and we must make the most of it.  We are proud to be adventuring treasure friends!

This is a limited edition signed and numbered release run starting on 1PM EST Wednesday, October, 7th  until 1PM EST Thursday, October, 22nd. 
Run sizes to be determined by actual customer demand.  Estimated shipping date of four to six weeks after close of sale.

  • Print measures 16"x20"
  • Giclee print on archival art paper
  • Signed and numbered!