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Portraits!! I want to paint YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES!  


These will be real simple paintings of you just standing there. Priced at intervals depending on how many people you want in there. $200 for 1 person (character), $300 for 2 people (characters), $400 for 3 people (characters... This time around pets will be considered a character so you and your pet are considered two characters, etc. All these 5 x 5 paintings will basically just look like this... (see attached) . 


i will do a live broadcast of the entire drawing and painting process on my youtube channel from Nov 30 thru Dec 3rd. That will be a fun time right? I will most likely start around 12pm EST and work until 12am EST each night.  Feel free to tune in at any point and hang out!


This item will go on sale 1:00 PM EST time on Friday, November 29th and will be limited to about 35 orders. All orders subject to verification via The Scott C Shop.

Please email photos to All photos must be submitted by Saturday, November 30th at Noon EST. Be sure to include the complete name that you ordered under AND your Scott C Shop order number.  Any delays or missing info may result in delays and cancellation of orders.