Lighthouse Lounge Coaster Pack

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I know how much we all would love to visit the Lighthouse Lounge and get some drinks.  They only serve dirty water at the lounge, so it is probably best that we aren't allowed to go there.  Instead, why don't you get some Lighthouse Lounge coasters to put your drinks upon at your OWN LOUNGE.  Perhaps you live in your own lighthouse, in which case, these coasters would be absolutely perfect.  The Rotten Family can hold your drinks for you with this very special coaster.  Set of 10!
  • 3.5” diameter pulp board 
  • Single color print on natural off-white 

While these are intended to be a display item, they can still be used as a coaster! Please note that they are disposable pub style coasters, but can be reused one or two times depending on how much moisture they absorb, but may begin to curl after that.

*final item may differ slightly from mockup.

This is a pre-order item. Expected ship dates are 4-6 weeks from end of sale on 10/22