Igloo Head and Tree Head Framed Print: Page 5


Page 5 of Scott Campbell's 14 page story Igloo Head and Tree Head. Each print will come with a signed and number plate. Framed print measures 17.5 x 12

Igloo Head and Tree Head debuted in Flight Comics #4 in 2006 with this story about a world of creatures with things living on their heads like trees, igloos, and park benches.  It is a tale of two buddies trying to make mountains out of molehills.  In 2007, it received a silver medal in Sequential Art from the Society of Illustrators.  These were the framed prints that hung in the Society of Illustrators: Book and Editorial exhibition in 2007.  They have lived in storage for awhile, but would very much like to move into your house and live on your walls with you! 
2007 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal in the Sequential Art
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