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I am super excited and honored to have been asked by Sony/Gallery 1988 to create this painting to celebrate one of the greatest shows to ever be on TV.

I am a huge huge fan of this show, like most people, and going back and reliving all of the amazing moments and characters was a dream come completely true.  I can’t even express how fun it was for me to draw all of these guys.  The painting contains almost every character ever to appear on the show.  My favorites to draw were Todd, Badger, Marie, and the ATM meth addicts.  Most difficult for me to capture was probably Hank and Mike.  Geez what a bunch.

I hope you like it!  and i hope you enjoy reliving the history of the show with me.

The original run was of 300 and that sold out last year when Sony posted it.  These are my super limited amount of APs.  I hope you can get one!  I apologize if you do not.  It is the print that I get the most emails about.  When they are gone, they are gone!

Thank you!!