Body House Shirt

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The human body is an amazing house.  Living in this house are millions of little creatures that claim to help the body out. But most of the time, they just play around and have a real good time. There's a roller coaster in the belly of the Body House, a bouncy castle at the top of the head, and a slide descending down into the chest cavity.  The brain is really the only one working overtime up in it's tiny study, trying to think of ideas and create new things for the Body House to ponder.  Spleen is in there with Liver and Stomach, the Lungs are playing Simon Says. The Heart looks upon all the people from it's royal balcony.

Now you can wear the Body House on your own body!  Show everyone that you love science and that you have a greater understanding of what goes on in your own Body by wearing this educational little piece of clothing around!


In collaboration with Gallery Nucleus and We Love Fine!
Printing Method: Silkscreen
Material: 100% Cotton
American Apparel